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    Sauer 270

    I am offering my FN-Sauer .270 for sale(Google it). It is what might be described as a Cabinet Queen in America. Apart from a stain from gun spray on the stock, I would describe its condition as new. Nice dark woodwork. Its had less that 200 rounds through it from new and has never been out in the rain. It has Apel swing-off mounts and 26mm rings. I would prefer a buyer to view it rather than look at pictures, or get someone local to me to have a look at it for you, but I am a long way away from most SD members. I have a few Winchester factory rounds to try a group while the scope is still attached. I think 800 would be a very fair price. I have not put it on Guntrader yet.
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    A few more details:
    600mm barrel(not heavy varmint) with Williams adjustable(height and windage)iron sights.
    The iron sights are removable.
    NOT threaded for moderator.
    Set trigger(optional).
    Weight without scope, but with mounts and rings: 8lb 12oz.
    Absorb-all leather recoil pad(removable).

    Please note that the Jan date for Bisley has been changed.

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    Won't now be at Bisley on Jan 17th.

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    As no-one seems to be interested in the bare rifle, I will leave the Kahles 8X56 scope on it for 1,000 all in.

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