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Thread: Lochcarron Roe buck

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    Lochcarron Roe buck

    Picture of a little Roe buck I shot last year with the Island of Skye in the background.

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    Quite a few roe on Skye too, but usually fairly small in the head even if they are in good condition. Lochcarron is a lovely place, but the best views are always looking to Skye

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    Tidy, lovely neck of the woods

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    Amazing part of the world - I spent most of my school holidays staying with my aunt and uncle in that area. They owned and ran a restaurant and pottery at Strathcarron, across the loch from the village of Lochcarron itself. I spent most of my time running wild with the Laird's kids on the Attadale estate, learning to shoot and fish, not to mention a few other formative learning experiences with the assortment of Kiwi waitresses during my later teenage years...

    I haven't been back for a few years but it looks as beautiful as I remember.


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