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Thread: Nerves Starting to Jangle

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    Nerves Starting to Jangle

    Up to Eskdalemuir tomorrow for our DSC1, just had a call from Ronald asking if we can do the shooting test Friday afternoon rather than first thing saterday......the date has come about way too quickly!!!!

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    Well good luck, I hope all goes well.

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    shooting test

    Good luck mate. Take it easy. I shot badly on mine and passed. you will be fine


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    Just relax, you are only shooting something that you can already do, nothing new in that. Enjoy you will be fine. Looking forward to hearing that all went well.


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    Cheers guys, I am looking foreard to it but still worried incase I mess up something.

    Shooting test should be OK, I can nail the multi choice questions consistanly now, just the safety test worries me as you have no margin for error!


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    good luck mate,when i did mine one lad hadnt fired a gun since he was in the air cadets and he sailed through.nice and steady and you will be fine.

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    Dont worry, they will help you on the course, relax. You will be fine, keep us up to speed about it. Everyone is behind you

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc
    Everyone is behind you
    Wouldn't be safe if you were in front.....

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    what exactly is involved in the DSC? is it a deer stalk exam, like do you go stalking with a witness and he/she rates you on your stalking abilities??

    go neirí an t-ádh leat sanders, good luck mate.

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    DSC1 is all theory and practical shooting ability, you dont go near a live deer.

    DSC2 is then real life stalking with an acredited witness.

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