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Thread: Karcher problem.

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    Karcher problem.

    My Karcher HDS pressure washer is achieving full pressure but when the trigger is pressed the motor doesn't hold flow. Anyone know what is sticking? It is as new but 10 years old. A service wouldn't go amiss so does anyone know a good CHEAP repairer near me?

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    Have you got good water mains pressure Red?

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    My cheapy pressure washer suddenly wouldn't stop pumping when the trigger was released, a new lance solved the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwind View Post
    Have you got good water mains pressure Red?
    The HDS is fed off a cistern header tank.

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    What do you mean by hold flow?

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    It pressures up to the handle but when i press the trigger it trickles out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    It pressures up to the handle but when i press the trigger it trickles out.

    That is an age related thing......

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    Might be cavitation in the water in the hosepipe leading to the washer, perhaps? Try straightening out every kink and turn in the pipe and get the water running through smoothly before connecting to the washer.
    My Karcher washer does it from time to time too, and this is usually the cause.

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    It has a header tank feeding the pump by gravity and it is full and controlled by a ball valve like your WC.

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    Is the pump running and if so what pressure is on the gauge? If you have no pressure and the pump is running you could have a problem with the unloader valve or the plungers in the pump.
    You could also have a worn nozzle or a blocked nozzle.

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