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Thread: Kammo Coat, Large

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    Kammo Coat, Large

    Kammo Fieldcoat, size L.
    This is several years old but was worn just once for a driven pheasant day. It's obviously in great condition with no rips or snags. I'm now a stone lighter than when I bought it and it's just too big for me.
    It's plain green with a host of features such as internal braces, removable thick fleece linings for the hand warmer pockets, straps to hold the cartridge pockets open and a matching genuine Kammo hood. This is a really warm and waterproof coat.
    It's clean and from a smoke free home.
    These cost 259 and the hood an extra 37. Selling for 170, posted.

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    Even if it's 50 years old it is an original Kammo and not the Kak they now produce under new ownership. My advice would be keep it and get eating pies.

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    Thanks, RD, I know it's one of the earlier, good quality ones. I still have two old Kammo coats in different camouflage patterns. If this was a Medium, I'd keep it.

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    Just to echo what RD said, I have a 20+ year old Kammo camouflage jacket which is still going strong. If it was XL size I would buy it in a flash (I ate all the pies).

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    Used my twenty year old Kodiak with hood today in -2 and there is nothing made today to match it. Even the pockets are toasty on cold hands and with the neck collar buttoned up and the hood buttoned up tight it is a survival suit not a coat. Anyone going near the foreshore with anythig less will chill down in no time.
    If you don't have an old Kammo enjoy getting frozen.

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    HI - Yes I will take it . Assuming that there is no damage and zip is ok.

    I will sort payment out later today.

    Kind regards

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