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Thread: cheap remington s/a stock

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    cheap remington s/a stock

    Hi chaps, does anyone have a stock that would fit a .223 remington sporter action laying around gathering dust? not overly bothered by condition, just so long as it aint one of them black tupperware things. Also looking for the bottom metal for a mag conversion to go with it.
    Let us know if youve got anything that may work.
    thanking you in advance.

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    responded to, Thanks buddy.

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    I have a stock make me an offer

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    Replied to, have a good one bud!

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    have a laminate stock from a pss .223 but no bottom metal

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    Garyw can you post a few pics and price please I may be intrested.

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    All responded to, thank you.

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    I've an ADL walnut sporter here if it's any use.

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    Have a near new s/a r/h rem 700 stock here comes with bottom metal too pm me for some pics

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