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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!

    Hi all, by way of introduction, have been shooting for 20+ years, but have never got round to stalking (work, family, usual excuses). So am a complete novice.

    To that end, am looking for paid stalking opportunities in the Herefordshire area, to learn as much as poss prior to DSC1 later in the year. Any pointers from members much appreciated.

    Currently shooting a .308, though not as much as I'd like...

    All the best for 2016

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    Welcome to the site, if you are planing on doing your dsc1 pay your deposit now(100 or so ) you will get the study materiel now so you can study up on it, then when you decide to do the course you will be prepared

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    Welcome to the forum


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Cheers Ray, will do

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