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Thread: Recoil Block for Tikka 690

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    Recoil Block for Tikka 690


    I'm trying to find a recoil block for a wooden stock for a tikka 690 if anyone can help?

    Many thanks


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    Is that the same as the one fitted in a Tikka 590/595?

    I might have 590/595 version kicking about somewhere.

    See if you can confirm they are the same and you can have my 'spare' one - once I find it!!



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    Cheers HH, as far as I know they are the same, just an "L" shaped piece of steel.

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    OK, will commence search and get back to you!


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    Right, found it. Please PM your name and address and I'll send it to you.

    Not after anything for it, or postage, but if you want to chuck a couple of quid in a charity box of your choice that would be fine.



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    Many thanks for your kind offer HH, I've sent you a pm with my details, is there a particular charity you favour?

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