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Thread: Chiller running costs

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    Chiller running costs

    Considering making a small chiller 1200 x900 1800 for use at home would be made from 75mm insulation board with a plastic parlour board interior.It needs to fit four fallow but would like the height for the odd red, chilling would be an add on unit, any one else made one if so what do you think the running costs would be, at present have a double door fridge at home which when full I move carcasses to a cold room on a farm, but the fridge cost around 1.40 per 24hours to run which over a couple of weeks soon adds up.

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    Keep an eye on Ebay, there's loads of cold room panels for sale. The door is the biggest issue. My coldroom came from ebay and cost only 280 complete! Had to fit a monoblock unit, but still a cheap solution.

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