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Thread: Eu legislation to ban semi-autos!

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    Eu legislation to ban semi-autos!


    Don't know it this is the right part of the forum to put this for maximum exposure and apologise if this is already on another SD thread but I do think this has massive importance. Many of you are probably aware of this, but I came across it on another site and think that we ALL need to sign this to try to prevent further ill-conceived legislation from being introduced. I realise there may be those on here don't use semi-auto's (and maybe don't even like them) but I really think this is a case of us like-minded folk all sticking together.

    I have e-mailed this link to my shooting club for distribution to all it's members and would hope those in other clubs would do the same - spread the word!

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    Done and shared

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    Done and shared.

    This is about ALL shooting, not just semi-auto rifles.

    "Death by a thousand cuts" at work. Draw a line; they'll be coming for you next.

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    Done and shared all over every piece of media i own.

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