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    Browning Gold Hunter

    Firstly, Happy New Year.

    This isn't a rifle query, but hopefully someone can advise.

    I'm considering one of the above for wildfowling and pigeons. The one I'm looking at has a plastic stock and fore end, camo pattern and 3.5 inch chambers. It's not my normal sort of thing, but I can't bear exposing my over and under to the rigours of the foreshore. To date I've been borrowing a fowling gun, but probably need to get my own.

    I've read some reviews about the early 3.5 inch chambered guns and issues with cycling light loads. However, I understand this was resolved in later models.

    The gun I'm looking at is half the price of a decent secondhand Maxus.

    Does anyone have any experiences to share? Any information would be great.



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    I had an early 12bore Browning Hunter with 31/2 inch chamber. It was a very good gun, I used it as a Wildfowling piece and never regretted anything about it. I have to admit I used loads more suitable to Wildfowling and never once had any cycling problems. It was well balanced (for an auto) pointed well. I only sold it or rather p/x'd it for a Beretta as I always use and prefer the Beretta auto (personal choice). Hope that helps.
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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    Thanks for your reply. I am unlikely to put anything lighter than 30 grams through it, so sounds like it would do the job.



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    I have the 3'' Browning Fusion, which is several years old now. It has been very reliable and versatile. It will cycle down to 24 gram loads but not the 21 gram.
    Felt recoil is minimal with any load.

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