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Thread: Cz452 photon xt mounts

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    Cz452 photon xt mounts

    Hi guys I'm looking for info on what you mount the photon to the cz452.
    I hear some people have to use adjustable mounts?
    Regards dan

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    I used Hawke reach forward mounts on mine to get the eye positioning correct .

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    The scope mounts are not standard on the CZ 452 and I had to put a Picatinny rail conversion on mine. Once this was in place I was able to use a set of reasonable high mounts.
    Worked well and allowed full adjustment of the scope without resorting to adjustable mounts.

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    Sportsmatch fully adjustable ATP66

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    I've got a 25 moa picatinny rail from DIP Industries (bought from Kinney's shooting supply in the USA, superb to deal with) and then the scope is in Leupold QWR mounts. No issues with elevation (due to the 25 moa rail) or windage and has the ability to be swapped between rifles and I can have a day scope on the HMR too.

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