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Thread: Putting my mind to something practical......

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    Putting my mind to something practical......

    Following on from the thread of Knife Kits (Wanted: Knife making kit), and to focus my mind on doing something practical that would actually yield some short-term results, I decided to spend a few hours in the workshop putting together one of the Rough Rider Custom Knife kits from Heinnie Haynes.

    Treating this very much as an exercise in "you won't learn unless you give it a try" I found the kit surprisingly easy to put together. Using some Sutherland stag antler rather than the nondescript wood provided, the knife turned out pretty well. At less than a tenner for the kit I've ordered another that I will try to spend more time on, probably trying some filing of the spring bar to give it some more character.

    30 minutes this morning saw a nice edge of the blades courtesy of Wicked Edge, and another 30 minutes resulted in a small pouch sheath to keep the knife protected in the pocket.

    Excuse the poor quality photos, but speed was of the essence:

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Nice looking knife and a very tidy sheath, well done

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    Nicely done, wg.

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