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Thread: itch to scratch - hornet advice ?

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    itch to scratch - hornet advice ?

    I think I need a hornet, can't decide to go 17 or 22 !
    I aready have 22lr and 223 so just fancy something in the middle for "in between" ranges for rabbits crows etc and just general plinking
    I will be reloading for it
    Inclined to go for a CZ, but just cant decide which calibre.
    Advice and help please
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    I'm waiting for my cert to come back with a variation....I was in the same position as you.. I went for the .17 in the end. You already have a .223 so I would go for the .17

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    You know you need one, I went with the .22 never tried the .17 but am more than happy with my choice, mine is a very early savage stevens made in 1940 so can't help with a CZ review but they do seem to get good ones.

    Atb Scoby 270

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    Go the 2 k hornet. You wont need a separate cleaning rod.
    I did want to make a 20 K hornet years ago. But it was before my local barrel manufacturer was making 20 cal bbls.

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    Having used both I would go for the 22 every time. As always though it depends on what you want it for and how much you will use it. The 17 is not quite as easy to reload for as the 22. It is also pretty destructive on quarry should you want to use them. A bit lightweight for foxes.
    As a long range crow killer it's very good but overall my vote would go to the 22 version.

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    personally I'd go for the .22 H as u can at least buy factory ammo quite easily which is a plus for me and there are more choices in rifle

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    I have the cz american and I reload for it, cast my own bullets too 44grn in a lyman mould then gas checks, it keyholes if i do my bit great little gun have a look at wildcat cub moderator they are only 85 dont try a rimfire mod, I blew the baffles out of mine (oooops)

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    i went for the .22 hornet over the .17 as i intended to use it as a fox gun as well as a general use rifle and im certainly not disapointed with it, im not a long range shooter but ive taken foxes out to 150yrds with it, ive got the cz and its a lovly light rifle which you can carry all day, i reload for it and with a 40gr serria 13gr of lil gun and cci small pistol primers i can get a grounping which you can cover with a 5p at 100yrds and i cant stress enough that i really do think you need to homload for hornets

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    Ive had two .22 hornets both were super. I only changed to a .222 as I could use it on roe in Scotland. Got a hankering for a .17 now though as a friend has had good success with his. I reload so it makes no difference to me .22 or .17
    Not much help but I guess you should go with what you as happier with

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