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Thread: AT tyres

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    AT tyres

    I need to run 225 65s on 17 inch rims. For the last 4 years I've been running the Yokohama geolander ats tyres and they have been pretty good, I've been especially impressed with them on snow. However I'm interested if anyone might have views on the other options available in that size, basically, that I can see, it comes down to

    general grabber at (not the at2)
    Toyo open country
    Maxxis a771 bravo

    Needless to say I'm especially interested in anyone who can make a direct comparison.

    ive tried the Dunlop grand treks and they were actually ok but not as good as the yokos so they fit but are not under consideration. At the minute I'm between the yokos and the general grabbers and looking at the pattern on the generals my concern is that they won't work as well in snow as the yokos. Sure I'm only using them in snow 3 - 5 days per year but when I need them to work on snow I need them bad.
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    ive got the maxis on a hilux they are resonable but nothing is as good as the BFG AT simply the best all terrain tyre

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    Quote Originally Posted by carl2351 View Post
    ive got the maxis on a hilux they are resonable but nothing is as good as the BFG AT simply the best all terrain tyre

    ^^^^ this ^^^^

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    On my hilux I've got general grabbers the old type that look like bfg's there not a bad tyre for the money but I think I'll try actual BFG A/T next

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    A friend is running cooper Zeon LTZ's on a Disco - he was impressed by their lack of road wear and I was impressed by their traction on soft ground!

    I've been running Bridgestone Duellers for 8 years and they seem popular with other members of our shoot - they're not as off-road as others but I've never been stuck for grip even in the snow of 2010 in Cairngorm.

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    I'm running the Cooper Zeon LTZ on my Discovery. Really impressed on road and the best off road I have tried bar the BFG MT's. Way superior to the Grabber AT2 and AT, much much better than both on wet tarmac. Found the AT's frightening.

    I had the Geolander ATS on a previous Discovery and found them useless off road on anything other than damp grass.

    If you can get hold of them try the Zeon LTZ, you won't be disappointed. My current set has 18k on them, I am expecting to get 25-30k.



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    I have ran Pirrelli scorpion, Bf Goodrich and Gen Grabbers all AT and in my expirience the Pirrelli were crap off road, B F brilliant and got 55k out of them and now running Grabbers ,, NEVER AGAIN. (BF all day long)

    Cheers Paul

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    The options mentioned in my post above are the only tyres that fit so I'm looking to pick the best of that bunch.
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    On my second set of Grabber ATs, (just changed at 34k and 4mm), after Geolanders. Run over Warwickshire muddy farm tracks and wet grass, borders tracks and moor, NW Highlands rock and snow. Great tyres, quiet on the road for that long haul north. In my experience, when you run out of grip or traction with these, you either need proper M/Ts if it is very wet and muddy or you are on sheet ice or heavy, sodden clay, in which case you are in trouble whatever tyres you've got ...

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    I've had Goodrich AT which were good, Pirelli Scorpions which were ok but perished in 3 years (Pirelli refused to do anything about that) and currently run General Grabber AT2's which have been on for 4 years and seem excellent. They are on a Landy 110 so I can't really comment about road noise from the tyres though!

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