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Thread: Rimfire for fox.

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    Rimfire for fox.

    I found the above video of a 17HMR killing a geese at long range.Surley a goose is bigger than a fox and and goose has a doubble layer of fat.

    I have put down 22WMR for fox on my FAC application form and i will just see what he FO says.

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    on the subject of shooting fox with rimfire, my uncle, a part time keeper shoots upward of 50 foxes every year with his brno .22rf, using subsonics. some drop on the spot, some are hit but never found, and others get a few put into them as they are limping off. his record is 170 paces (he's 6ft 2 inches tall).

    every time his renewal comes round the FEO urges him to get a bigger rifle, but he refuses on the basis of the cost of ammo. i have even offered him use of my .243 to have a play with, but he's not interested in paying 1 to kill a fox outright, he would rather pay 6p to fatally wound one, or not.

    the FEO also pushes him to get a proper gun cabinet, but good old uncle still keeps his many shotguns and the rimfire in an old filing cabinet with a single lock.

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    What a p***k nothing clever about what he is doing and probably not even legal, maybe the clip will help out on the suitability of rimfire weapons for larger quarry.

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    why not legal?

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    Agree with monynut , not my idea a humane kill.

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    I agree completely about the humane killing issue, but it is legal, otherwise police would not allow it.

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    shooting fox with .22rf is legal and many have been shot with .22rf. I don't think it's good practise. .22wmr is more suitable especially at more limited range. but really a centrefire is the thing.

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    these are the calibers listed in HO guidance as "reason to posess" for Medium Quarry fox, feral cat and other similar sized quarry. I belive the police can only grant you a calibre which is aligned with your reason to posess. ie. if your reason to posess is for shooting fox, it must be one of these calibers. if your reasen to posess is shooting vermin and ground game, then it can be something smaller. i dont believe there are any specific laws which prevent you shooting foxes with the smaller calibres, if your intention is for a clean kill.

    .17 Remington
    .218 Bee
    .22 Hornet
    .220 Swift
    .222 Remington
    6mm PPC

    interstingly, you can shoot a badger with a 160ft/lb 38gn bullet if you have permit to do so or you are putting it out of its misery! that could be a Hv .22 rimfire.

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    The video i posted was to show HMR at long ranges but i did not agree with the way he was killing them.

    I have put 22WMR and will just see what the FO says.


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