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Thread: Done it.

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    Done it.

    Taken the plunge this week and sent off for my L2 pack. Just hoping it comes back as the blue one. Any advice / help as I plough through the process will be gratefully recieved and it does not matter to me if it does take 3 years.
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    Well done - hope the application comes back blue!

    I was like you, in that I felt that completing the porfolio would take as long as it takes. There was no advantage to me in gaining DSC2 as quickly as possible. Instead I preferred to wait for the AW's who were taking me out to say when they felt I was ready to go for it.

    Also, don't feel like you immediately have to put yourself under assessment conditions. My advice would be to go for a couple of stalks with an AW where they are doing the stalking rather than you. Get them to give you a running commentary on what they are doing, the decisions they are making, etc. It can be a very educational experience, for both of you

    Most of all, enjoy it.

    Good luck


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    Couldn't agree more with Willie-G. Getting a commentary stalk is a real eyeopener - in more ways than one!

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    My DSC2 portfolio turned up about2 weeks ago and was Blue. Was told they would be blue until June 2010, when the process would change to 3 stalks with an AW.

    I intend to take as long as it takes - not interested in getting 3 stalks done as quick as possible, and would rather take longer and learn more from someone with much more experience than me.



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