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Thread: problem zeroing s&b zenith

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    problem zeroing s&b zenith

    Could do with a bit of help ,I picked up a new smitt and bender zenith f,dot 2.5 10 x56 ,so I took of my meopta 3x12x56 and on went the smitt took it up the range 1st group was out but not to much so made the adjustments fire the next round witch was quite some way out ? So I gave it a couple of clicks witch should be 2cm at 100 metres and to my surprise it move it almost 2 inches .it groups well but I can't get it were I want it due to the big jumps .am I missing something here ?done all the checks to the mounts cleaned it though and went back today to have another go still doing big jumps its beaten me any help would be appreciated .

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    Maybe a mechanical tracking test along these lines might help to identify any problems?

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    The Zenith range have the green and red sections on their adjustment dials. Are you in the green area or at the edge of the adjustment range? Zeniths do not have a huge adjustment and the mounting system should be quite straight to start with. I thought the zenith would have 1cm per click at 100m as standard.

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    Likewise, my Zenith has 1cm/100m adjustment. If you're not zeroing on a range (ie. on your ground for example), make sure you measure the distance to the target as accurately as possible. I use a 50m tape measure. I found mine very consistent with regards to the relation between turret adjustments and POI changes. If you continue to have problems, have it looked at by the dealer you bought it from. You bought it new so if it is faulty, they'll just replace it. EJG is right, keep an eye on the Posicon system as if you get into the red you ought to check your mounting position.

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    Thanks its near enough in the centre of the green so can't see a problem there ,

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    Don't forget to make sure all the screws are still tight and nothing's worked loose during the swap.
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    seen the exact same problem on the same make of scope , turned out to be the turret caps , if they were tightened too much they adjusted the scope


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    I took my time ensuring the scope was as level as I could get it and dialled in within a few shots. Attachment 65037
    Attachment 65038

    Heres bed a couple of pictures of my settings as you can see they are not that far off centre!

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