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Thread: AYA No2 made 2006

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    AYA No2 made 2006

    update 10/1/16Would also consider a trade for an earlier 687 (with the silver pigeon on the top lever)

    I'm having a new years clear out and first up is my No2 it was manufactured in 2006 and purchased new by a friend of mine in 2007 as a retirement present to himself. He put less than 200 carts through it and I bought it from him 2 years ago with the intention of having the stock
    cast LH to upgrade from my Left Hand countryman but I never got around to it as I've just kept on using my countryman! So in my possession it has fired less than 20 shells (one day out!).The stock is full length and the wood is straight grained and striped. It has 28" brls 1/4 &1/2 choked and is full colour case hardened. I'm sorry about the photos they're very bright for some reason and in real life the blueing and wood is much darker.

    The pricing of No2s, oh dear!!

    I've looked on guntrader where they range from 600 to over 6000 (not including the round bodies). There are a couple of No2s at 2750 both in poorer condition than mine with much poorer wood so I think that 2350 is a keen price for mine.

    Members are welcome to come and look at the gun over a coffee. I can also RFD for 35. Cheers all

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    Stunning gun if only, don't think you will have any problems re-homing. Would love one.

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    Well. Very nice, but as you say, oh dear!

    Much as it is to criticise Red Dot for some of what he says he is right that these guns have an appalling residual value once they become secondhand. I really don't understand why as they are well made from good quality steel. But there it is.

    OTOH a Webley 700 was about 1450 when last made new and still fetches about that, or less, so they also have appalling residuals. Yes, 2,350 is a reasonable price. Problem is it isn't one that the market will bear. The gun is worth it but people just won't pay it.

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    Lovely gun.
    I wish you all the best with the sale, if I sell a few of my rifles I will be interested.

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    Shame I never got the a reply back Brian might of been sold by now good luck with sale .

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    Quote Originally Posted by .243 t3 View Post
    Shame I never got the a reply back Brian might of been sold by now good luck with sale .
    Sorry Matt it's just been headless chicken time over the holidays! ATB

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    You too pal , good luck with sale . ATB MATT

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    Would also consider a trade for an earlier 687 (with the silver pigeon on the top lever)

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    My son has a 20b 687 and I'm going for a matching pair!!

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