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Thread: Peltor SportTac ear defenders.

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    Peltor SportTac ear defenders.

    I treated myself to a set of Peltor SportTac electronic ear defenders for Christmas. I chose these mainly based on past recommendations from shooters on this site but am wondering if mine may be faulty.

    When I switch them on unless I have the volume switched right down low there is a distinct hissing sound that pulses slightly. Now I thought that they were able to actually amplify sound so as to be able to hear approaching game. I have contacted the manufacturers and suppliers and replaced the batteries with new as they have suggested but the result is still the same.

    Am I expecting too much from these ear defenders or do those that own such items of kit think as I do that mine may be faulty and may need to be returned?
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    They are faulty. Mine do not perform in the manner you have described. Send them back.

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    Hi, I have a pair of these defenders and mine worked fine no pulsing noise or hissing and were very good until i used them on a wet day. now they are intermittent and will only switch on when they feel like it, i purchased them in france and i have left the receipt there so i hope i can take them back to the shop on my return, as a fill in i have bought a pair of cheap electronic defenders off of ebay 29 and so far they have worked fine, cheers Geoff

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    I agree, faulty.

    I use an accessory lead with mine and plug my iPhone into them so I can take calls and listen to podcasts when there's not much happening - still receives and amplifies ambient noise at the same time though so quite a handy feature - very occasionally when the lead passes over the earmuff part I get a short hiss of interference, but they are otherwise quiet.

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    I'm on my second pair - first pair got soaked then would run the battery down when switched off. Were exchanged but second pair suffer the same problem after a soaking - I now just take the batteries out after every use.

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    Thanks guys for confirming my thoughts, back they will go.
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    They sound faulty - I have the Howard Sleights and they amplify but no pulsing or hissing
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    No hissing with mine, in fact after about 30 seconds I tend to forget I have them on, except I can hear the birds singing for a change!

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    I wear a set of Peltor ProTac and my lad a pair of Peltor Sportac. All is fine until they are brought close together and one gets electrical interference. However, by close, I mean within a foot or so. Do you wear any other electrical equipment that could run interference? If not, then I would be with everyone else and say they're faulty. Both pairs of mine have performed faultlessly for the 2-3 years we've had and used them.

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