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Thread: Gun Dog - Pup to 1 year old

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    Gun Dog - Pup to 1 year old

    Hi all,

    I'm currently on the look out for another dog. Ideally i would like a lab or a type of pointer.

    I currently have a 18 month old Sproker and she is great beating / rough shooting etc. Im looking for the new dog to be company for my sproker in the day and to be a gun dog. Ideally suited to a stand dog / tracking and retrieving hense the Lab or pointer etc so i would then have the best of both worlds.

    Really the new dog needs to be a bitch. Looking for a pup or up to a year old.

    Not too fussed about pedigree as long as parents are good workers.

    I'm in Nottingham but quite happy to travel anywhere in the country for the right dog.

    Let me know what you have or even know of.


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    You could try contacting some of the well known kennels i.e. Rytex, Poolgreen etc as a lot of them will be making decisions on what young dogs to run on this year for trialing.

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