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    7x57R joy

    I went up to the mountains of NC boar hunting on New Year's Eve and NY Day. It rained hard all day Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, I saw a few at a distance, which I could not close due to swollen streams, but it was a perfect, gray and wet day, overcast, quiet walking, fresh tracks. I was carrying my Tikka T3 7mm-08.

    That afternoon, as the sun peeked out, I decided to drive to a local range and check out my latest loads for the 7x57R, stepping them all up.
    Federal's mild 7x57 Mauser 140-gr load, reloaded into 7x57R brass.
    Sellier & Bellot 139-gr RN over 43.0 gr W-760
    Hornady 139-gr Interlock over 44.0 gr H-414 ( top load ).
    Nosler 120-gr BT over 38.0 Varget.

    First, I shot S&B factory ammo of 173-gr RN at 25 yards. Two shots touching just above the little orange dot in the center, right to the lowest of the two flip up open rear leaf sights.

    Then moved on to a 50-yard target - one shot of each round, letting the barrel cool down in the 44 degree temperature, zero breeze. All shots into 1.25 inches. Not bad.

    Moved on to 100 yards and repeated on a Shoot-n-See target. Here, my spotter could see the faster 120-gr and 139-gr loads strike just a bit higher, but all well inside the 10 ring, strung about 1.5 inches wide.

    I had picked up some clay pigeons some had shot at earlier and missed, with just 1/3 broken off one side, and stood them up on a bank past the last target at about 100 meters, so when the rifle cooled off, I took my last two loads of 139/H-414, and broke both of the clays offhand. Now, I had confidence in the thing for hunting.

    Next step is to check the slugs in the shotgun barrel again at 25, 50, and 75 yards.
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    Sounds good - just go hunting!

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    I may do a bit of fiddling with a getting the Hornady 175-gr bullets to shoot to the sights just like the S&B 173-gr, and step up the 120-gr load from matching the 140-gr loads in velocity to about 2,800 fps, but at least now I have several loads shooting to the same spot up close and pretty much around each other at 100 yards, so I will just load more of them, shoot groups of each, and chronograph them - after I hunt some with this old gal. Deer season is over, but I can hunt wild boar through March.
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