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Thread: Bailiffs!

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    How do they sleep at night? They just chucked a single mum with 3 disabled kids out on the street for Wonga debts. They even taped copies of the writ inside her street level windows. This is Britain 2016!!!!

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    It may be harsh, but it's there job, I do feel for the single mum and her children now, but you can only blame the people like wonga for taking advantage of people In desperate need with there stupidly high interest rates, they no most of the people can't make full payment!!

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    How do they sleep at night?

    They do, It's just a job to them. Where they make a wage to pay for their debts!!. Feel sorry for the kids though.

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    3 beautiful kids, cerebal palsy and two of the cutest downs twins on the planet.... F*C*IN S*A*ME on this society that allows this to go on whether it's Wonga or other legal extortionists to trade on peoples vulnerability. Thousands of APR to a woman on benefits. Crazy.

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    ready made family there for you then RD, joking aside you are absolutely correct it can't be right and for those who do the job there will be 'up-pence', karma for one ... toilet cleaners in hell
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    It happens everyday she's not the first and she certainly be the last to fall foul of loan companies

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    That does sound awful, but I can't help but think that a single mum with 3 disabled kids must be on an awful lot of benefits? More than enough to keep a roof over their heads surely?

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    Life ain't fair. But who the hell lends to such people in the first place? They must know they don't have the money to pay it back or they wouldn't need to borrow it in the first place, and that's before you even add the horrendous interest.

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    Unfortunately the kids suffer because of the stupidity of their parents. The balliffs are not to blame at all. You cannot use kids as a 'human shield' or we would all borrow more than we could possibly afford and then claim that we aren't subject to the laws of the land because of our little cherubs. Sorry RD but that's why the law is as it is.

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