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Thread: Brunei bans Christmas!!

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    Brunei bans Christmas!!

    I just heard today that the Sultan of Brunei banned Christmas for fear of leading Muslims astray!! See here:
    About 10% of the Brunei population are Christians. We also still have about 2000 troops out there.
    So here's a question....
    Only about 5% of the British population are Muslim. Do you think we would get away with banning Ramadan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shakey jake View Post
    Why would we want to?
    Exactly! In case it leads good Christians to stop eating their 5 a day?
    My question is based on the principal of it. Why can they not just respect other religion and always feel the need to suppress it?
    Maybe they feel threatened by Christmas as it makes their religious events appear rather dull in comparison? Let me think... not eating or drinking All day during Ramadan.... or eating and drinking ALL day (including alcohol!) at Christmas! Small wonder some may be lead astray? Well it didn't work as my friend at work is married to a Brunei girl and her family all came over to England for Christmas and they are all Muslims! They had a great time!
    It's a very strange country. Not much to do there unless you play golf and enjoy sweating. I was amazed to see people leaving their 5 litre cars running all day in the car park with the aircon going so that they were nice and cool for the drive home!
    I have no respect for those that cannot respect others.

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    Always been banned in the Middle-East. What's new?

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    Thought there was not any troops out in Brunei for the last few years ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Always been banned in the Middle-East. What's new?
    Well it wasn't 2016 years ago was it?!

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    Ahhhhh, the good old days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .243 t3 View Post
    Thought there was not any troops out in Brunei for the last few years ?
    Still some there. Great place for jungle training! Still have bad memories from being sucked dry by leaches living in the Brunei jungle!
    Spent some time with the Iban people from Sarawak (former headhunters!) and learnt how to make numerous traps out of natural materials such as rattan, although they did cheat and use the old fashioned coke can rings for the triggers! Caught some weird things in the river Tutong as well - happy days!
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    MS - I never knew you were JWIC qualified. 308RWS

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