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Thread: Sako trg rebbarell

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    Sako trg rebbarell

    Hi guys im thinking about rebarreling a sako trg 22 308 to 260 rem but was wondering on average how long it would take to get a custom barrell fitted from a gunsmith in scotland ? Also could do with some advice on witch lenght of barrell to put on it ive been reading that 26/27" would be ideal for long range and max mv??

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    I am just about or rebarrel a custom remmington clone in .260 however I would be going 6.5x47 and shoot 123gr lapua scenars as these are immensely accurate and fly fast.

    You need to consider exactly what your intentions are for the rifle. This will allow you to fine tune the barrel length. For example I would certainly go 26" if purely on a range target shooting. For a sporting rifle only used once a year on a range and used with a moderator then 20" or 22" would be more practical.

    I would also also look up a guy called redmist on the stalking directory or ronin on to carry out the work. He shoots competitively in international disciplines and is located in northern Lancashire. His prices are competitive, plus the lead times are realistic.

    I sold a TRG .308 three years ago. I regret it every day. Lovely rifle and you do right re-barreling in a better calibre.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Thanks for reply. Would be used mainly for long range vermin prone. And on the range a few times . Not stalking etc. the 140grainers have really good bc and a descent mv that was what i intended to use ill see when the time comes.

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    I run a 22" 260rem , and get 2750fps out of a 140 amax with a stout load of N560 , for your application 26-27" would gain you a little velocity at the expense of portability , 2750 or 2850 isn't all that different when it comes down to it unless you intend to shoot extreme range?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I would have to agree with tackb on this I run a 22 inch 260 rem with mod and it's a fantastic round. But the extra lenth would help you for your needs I'm runing 120s and I can get a 5 shot clover group. Give james clack a call at jager sa he will see you right on price and turn it around as quick as possible all things considered

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    Plus one for James Clark (jager SA) he built me a Sako 75 .260 very happy with it! Worth a call honest price and time scales. Having spoke to him last week he's in the middle of a Trg rebarrel at the moment!

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    Thanks guys will speak to jager for info then cheers.

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    Redmist rebarrelled 6.5x47 in competition....adequately accurate with 123 scenars

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    Whats your opinions on 260 rem or 6.5x47 wich would yous have and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2506min View Post
    Whats your opinions on 260 rem or 6.5x47 wich would yous have and why?
    That's a very good question. Once upon a time the answer was clearly 260 Rem as I bought one in '99. However times change and it's a much harder question today.

    6.5mm Shootout: .260 Remington vs. 6.5x47 Lapua vs. 6.5 Creedmoor

    Best Rifle Caliber - What The Pros Use -

    Were I starting from scratch today, I think 6.5 creedmoor would be my pick, however as I'm on my fourth 260 Rem and fifth barrel, I'll stick with the brass and dies that I have.

    Have fun.


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