My coterminous Firearms & Shotgun Certificates expired at midnight last night, so at 08:30 this morning I telephoned the Firearms dept of the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary to see where my replacements had got too.

I was told by a very nice lady that she could see from her computer records that the new certificates had been printed out and were waiting to be signed off by a Manager, so they should be with me in a couple more days time.

I then pointed out that as I am on several RTA call out lists (which can take me into neighbouring forces areas) and also shoot on ranges so I need to have either my licences or Permits Forms 111 and 112 today. I then offered to go and collect them, so that they would not be delayed in the post.

The very nice lady then said, she would have a word with the Manager, and would phone me back.

At 09:09 I received a telephone call saying that both of my Certificates could be collected from their HO Reception, which I duly thanked them for.

About an hour later I collected the Certificates from the receptionist, who invited me to check them which I duly did. The Shotgun Certificate was correct but the Firearms Certificate contained two errors, the first giving me permission to purchase two Moderators which I already had, and the other an omission in what I could lawfully shoot with my rifles when compared to my expired certificate.

The receptionist contacted the Firearms dept which resulted in a member of their staff coming out to see me. We then discussed the error and the omission comparing them to my expired licence, which then resulted in the Firearms Certificate being immediately corrected and re-issued to me within 30 minutes.

Thus credit where credit is due, I wish to thank the Firearms dept of the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary for the much appreciated service of today.

Also I would also like to thank list member IanF (whom I have known since June 1996) for his continued advice on weaponry and ballistics.