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Thread: Lightweight mod in 14 x 1 - something like a CMM4 or similar

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    Lightweight mod in 14 x 1 - something like a CMM4 or similar

    Hello - as above. It's for a 222 but ideally I'd like it in .30 to use it on a larger cal for longer stalks. Thanks

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    MAE/PES Large muzzle can

    M14x1, Factory supplied in black, has a small chip at muzzle caused by transport from range, certainly not a bullet clip, very good mod but I prefer reflex since having the longer barrel fitted. Only used for load development so about 140 shots on .22-250 through it, oiled and stored as per manufacturers instructions. Welcome to try before you buy (your rifle/ammo) at my location. All in this cost me £245, so £170 posted to your RFD or £160 collected.

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    Thanks - ideally I'm after something a bit lighter but will bear it in mind.

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    I have a Roedale Delta Pro-X, in M14x1 with extra baffles (6 in total) for all calibres up to 6mm/.223, nice and light. Had less than 100 rounds through it, great condition, always dried and oiled. I'm selling it for £100 if interested. (Cost £300).

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    Thanks - I'm trying to find out more - is this the one that needs a bush fitting to the barrel? If you've any links I can look up that would be useful.

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    The bushing is a delrin type that fits in the back of the moderator, its been machined to fit a skinny Tikka T3 lite barrel, however can easily be opened up to accommodate your barrel diameter.

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    Should have said, its a reflex design, there are two baffle types available, short or long, this mod has 6 short baffles to keep the overall length down.

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    Looking at the links it seems it should fit from 222 up to 308? Not a problem if not - I am still interested. Please PM me with contact details.

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    All sorted now. Many thanks to those who responded.

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