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Thread: Buying on a budget, thoughts please.

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    Buying on a budget, thoughts please.

    Hi guys,

    I have recently joined the forum and I'm relatively new to stalking. I've been lucky enough to shoot roe, reds and foxes with a variety of calibres with the kindness of good friends.

    Having done a bit of research I've decided to go for .308 as my calibre of choice and I'm now faced with the dilemma of what to spend and whether to buy new or second hand. Gun budget of about 500 with the next big chunk going on decent scope. I've got the opportunity of going second hand with Browning European or a Steyr Mannlicher Model L or new with a budget manufacturer Howa, Wetherby etc.

    Anyone have any thoughts on any of the above second hand models or on the new options, happy to hear opinions good and bad.

    Cheers, Big G

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    I went new howa. It's as accurate as any other.
    They are marmite tho!

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    Handle a few within your budget, and buy whichever feels like it's "your" rifle when you pick it up, regardless of whether it's new or secondhand.
    If you like the rifle, and feel comfortable with it, you will enjoy using it, which means you'll spend more time shooting it and ultimately become a better shot.

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    I have a few rifles but needed a replacement for a 30-06 I sold, but only wanted something inexpensive so I purchased a Parker Hale 1200 for 200 including rings and bases, I tried it out on Saturday.
    It shoots 1" at 100 Yards and will probably shoot better than I can.
    And it looks better than the stainless synthetic Howa I sold.
    Rifles dont have to be expensive, I have a semi custom Weatherby Mk V and I cant shoot any better with that and it owes me 6 times as much.

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    Thanks danban, true you either love them or hate them it would appear. I've heard good things about them with most of the criticism being about the quality of the stocks. Is your rifle standard or have you made any modifications?

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    I have had a Steyr Mannlicher Model L, and the prior models, an SSG-69 in 7.62/.308, and have a .308 now, Prohunters in 7x64 and .308, Model Ms in .30-06 and .270....
    ... and I have a 35-year-old Howa 1500 in blue and walnut.

    The Weatherby Vanguard is a Howa 1500 in a what some think to be a nicer stock, with an accuracy guarantee.
    The Howa 1500 and Vanguard are solid rifles, and since they take the same mounts as the Remington 700, have a lot of inexpensive choices there, as well as replacement stocks and triggers.

    The Steyr Model L is an older rifle, the predecessor of the current SBS 1996 used on the Prohunter (synthetic ) and Classic ( walnut stocked ) rifles. The Model L is the short action (.308, .243, etc ). All of them came with nice walnut stocks, high polish bluing, and good open sights. A good, clean Steyr L, rifle (23.5 inch barrel ) or Stutzen ( full stocked 20-inch barrel ) sell used for 2X to 3X the price of a new Howa 1500 here in the USA. They are like a Mercedes E-Class, while the Howa is like a basic VW Jetta. If you can shoot the Steyr Mannlicher with a scope on it at the range with some good ammo, and get a gunsmith to check it out, it would be a steal at that price. You can use it for years, take care of it, and sell it for what you paid.

    The Steyr L with iron sights lets you get to hunting without a scope expense.

    You can put Warne steel cross slot bases on it and quick release rings, and move the scope on and off.
    Buy a second-hand, quality 6x42 like a Kahles or Zeiss, and you can sell it later for what you paid, if you ever decide to let it go.
    You still have money left over for ammunition.
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    Thanks VSS, like your thinking, it's kind of what I done when I bought my first and only shotgun 20ish years ago probably why sitll put 1000 shells through it a month!

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    Look at the browning A bolt range



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    Thanks Southern. Like your rational and that kind of backs up what I was thinking. As the Steyr is a bit older it's difficult to find any reviews so seeking the help of SD members with more knowledge and experience than myself, thanks.

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    You will have to find some Steyr Model L reviews from the early 1970s, as it was made from 1969 to 1995. The first of this 1968 rifle to hit the market was the SSG-69 sniper rifle, built on the L action in 7.62x51 NATO. It was just discontinued in 2015, because so many police and military raised a howl in 1995 when the new SSG came out, and they wanted the old one kept around.

    Go to the Steyr Mannlicher site and look at the hunter photos and what they used. Go to the Steyr owner and collector sites.

    You probably don't have much time to decide at that price, but if you miss it, look at older Parker Hale 1200, the Husqvarna Tradewinds ( and other models ) in .308, both built on nice Mauser actions, with sights and nice stocks.

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