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Thread: Night master 800 problem dull beam

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    Night master 800 problem dull beam

    Hi, I've recently bought a NM 800. The batteries for it didn't arrive at the same time so I used an older battery in it until the new ones arrived. It had been working fine but between taking the older battery out, charging it and putting it back in its now only producing a dull beam even with the fully charged new batteries. I've made sure everything's tight and it's not just the setting its on.

    I think I may have put the battery in the wrong way round at some point could this have caused damage to the LED or something resulting in a dull beam?

    Has anyone had this experience?


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    check the neck sections are all tight as this can affect brightness (can be used to have different settings of brightness.

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    You need to twist the head to focus the beam. It feels like you are loosening it but as it's an aspheric lense, you need to adjust to find the sweet spot.

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    I've had one for a couple of years,I use the red led mostly with no probs. if you bought it new I would send it back. Only adjustment I use is the focus/sharpness of beam which stays constant.Nice piece of kit.

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    Variable brightness only works (I think..)with the IR LED and only when the base section isn't screwed fully tight. If the medium of low setting is selected and all the sections are really tight you won't be able to alter it. Back off the base a quarter turn or so and depress the switch lightly but don't click it fully on. Keep doing this and you'll see it cycle through the three brightness options. When you've got the one you want release the button and push it again fully so it clicks. That option is now set and provided you push the button positively when switching on, that's the setting you'll get.

    If it isn't the IR you're using or you've tried that then I dunno. Give Nitemaster a ring otherwise. They're pretty helpful.

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    The neck sections are all tight as they'll go and it's definitely not the focus. It's as if the battery is low but it's a new battery that's been fully charged. It had been working fine then when I put the battery back in after charging it the beam was dull. Might just have to send it back.

    I can cycle through the different brightness as well and see the difference but they are all still far lower than the were, you can barely see it in the low setting.

    Thanks for the replies!
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    The standard red LED also has variable brightness. Speak to Nightmaster, I've had dealings in the past when requesting spares or warranty replacement parts and they were extremely helpful every time.

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    I'll give them a call and see what they say. It's strange that it was working fine and now all of a sudden very dull. I'm worried it's due to a cheaper battery I used until the right ones came.


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    If the beam is dull when turned on and you have cycled through the 3 power modes its highly likely you have blown the driver, this can happen as you say when the battery has been inserted the wrong way.

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    I've had a similar problem with one of these & it was after changing battery's.
    I gave them a call & explained what had happened, they sent out a new next day.


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