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Thread: Bavarian Mountain hound and Lab cross is anyone working one

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    Bavarian Mountain hound and Lab cross is anyone working one

    Bavarian Mountain hound and Lab cross is anyone working one, thinking of buying one has anyone been working one what sort of temperment has they got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingstella View Post
    what sort of temperment has they got.
    That's the prob mate, '*******ising' 2 dogs which have been specifically bred for different purposes means that each pup will be a gamble. If it's an unplanned litter then fair enough (although i would have terminated if possible), but don't encourage numpties to deliberately cross these breeds.

    I own Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. There have been a couple of occassions in which people have deliberately cross bred them with labs with disasterous results.


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    Who are these idiots that are cross breeding. I cannot for the life of me understand why people do it.

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    Had one of these crosses at the begining of the year, "bloody vicious monster". bit everyone & everything in sight.
    Put her indoors off getting a dog again "try'n every trick i know, sad eyes and all that" still not agreeing YET!!!.

    BE WARNED!!!!!!


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    Hmm, at least there's no danger of fence sitting on this one!

    I'm going to be aquiring such a ( I've just got to use the word now ) BEAST, so will have a better understanding of where the previous posters are coming from. Will depend upon how many fingers I retain as to whether I can type an update in due course.

    The opinions were quite clear and thats good - whether for or agin.

    Easy to misconstrue written commentary and particularly the intended inflection, but it strikes me that comments with descriptors such as ( just for example ) 'idiots' put unneccessary heat into the forum and are a large part of why I see so many rolled eyes when I mention the forum to people. Maybe I'm just oversensitive, but strikes me that the undoubted resource of experience that the forum members represent gets under utilised as people refrain from asking things for fear of derogatory postings.

    Hope proposed dog works out for you HS.

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    Idiots!!! is a word I use for people who cross breed a perfectly good deer dog BMH with any other dog. It has taken hundreds of years to produce such dogs and they are widely used along with other breeds on the continent. Unfortunatly over here we have those start to cross breed, WHY!! give me one good reason, to achieve WHAT may I ask.

    Some people may not want to join this site, thats up to them. The question was asked and thats my opinion, and I stick by it.


    Sikamalc ( Bavarian Owner)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingstella View Post
    Bavarian Mountain hound and Lab cross is anyone working one, thinking of buying one has anyone been working one what sort of temperment has they got.
    Ah my request of has anyone got a mix that they work with seems to have been a spring board reaction into name calling without the facts, shame this site sometimes has its moments, but is easy felled by these reactions, i only hope that the site improves, and as for facts, the breeding was an accident, and these cross bread dogs are in demand by deer managers with the FC, and for my part i will be looking forward to working the beast.

    And for my parting shot, Administrators are required to stay on the fence and over see the site, and to ensure that there is no abuse by its members.

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    Thats right we are, but we are also able to voice an individual opinion if we want, I dont sit on fences If it was an accident fair enough, but the deliberate cross breeding of BMH dogs is ridiculous. I think you will find if you look back on the history of the site that this question has been asked before.

    If you have ever worked a BMH and owned one you will know why they are highly regarded. They have the most wonderful temprement, are very loyal to the one person, are unbelievable at tracking and baying wounded deer. As you can see I am passionate about the breed and what they stand for.
    Last edited by sikamalc; 16-05-2010 at 20:52.

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    My take on this is that, somebody asked a question and got a reply they didn’t like from somebody that had first hand knowledge……………………………………

    Well if you are not prepared for an honest answer just want people to blow smoke up your bum why the hell ask it.

    As to how the site is run, well you really should go on to some of the other stalking sites that have been/are out there this is by far the best run while allowing honest opinions.



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    Thanks Tahr,

    As you have already said, ask a question and you get a straight answer.

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