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Thread: Brno zkk series.

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    Brno zkk series.

    Hi everybody,
    Do you know a shop or dealers who have parts for zkk rifles in UK?
    I'm french and it's very difficult to find parts.
    Have you the same problem in UK?
    Best regards.

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    As the Brno rifles are well made and normally very robust I am surprised to see this plea.

    What is it your after and I will ask about when visiting the various gun vendors in this area.

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    They are very robuste but I have buy a zkk 601 and the trigger sping have change by a clothespin spring.
    It's difficult to find the two springs to do this rifle in original configuration.

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    OK what trigger do you have? is it the straight bladed set trigger or the normal curved one?

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    It's the normal curver, I have the straight bladed set trigger but they don't work with the clothespin spring.

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    Am fairly sure that the set trigger had ther own springs and different to the normal curved balded one. When I bought my Brno 601 many years ago I swapped out the set trigger and fitted the curved blade. The set trigger was put away in a little bag with all it's bits including the springs. This was a long time ago so memory may be faulty but that is what I remember of it. Will still ask at the gun club and shops when I am there. Sadly am away from where I bought it having moved to a different part of the country but Edgar Bros were the importers and they had a full time gunsmith so an e-mail to them might be an idea:-

    Found this when searching for information on Rigby rifles as they used the ZKK action:-

    q=Rigby+rifles+built+on+Brno+zkk+action&biw=1600&b ih=791&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEw jhhbXxmJXKAhWKPRQKHbD2CtYQsAQIRA#imgrc=bUwpyHHeA_8 3pM%3A

    A close up of the trigger workings.

    Numrich Arms corp is alo worth an e-mail to see if they can help. The Brno was very popular in the US it seems. My search also brought this up:-

    from this very forum. Might be worth contacting PKL and Redmist as they seem to have a knowledge of these triggers.

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    Thanks a lot Conure!
    I will contact PLK by private message an other member said me he know the brno.
    Numrich haven't this parts.
    I send an email to edgarbrother.
    All that remains to expect.

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    Bonjour. Je pense que j'ai les pieces detachees vous cherchez.

    Mais, actuellement je suis a St Ouen et je ne reviens pas a l"Angleterre avant le 15 janvier. Quand je suis arrive je puisse jeter un coup d'oeuil. Si j'ai la detente ou je n'ai pas je pose un reponse. D'accord?

    Edgar Brothers? Bonne chance!

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    Hello enfieldspares,
    Thanks for your help, i send you an private message with a little list of spareparts I research.


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    I find parts in australia but it's expensive for an old rifle. When I love it's not important.
    I search a magazine follower for a zkk, that's the end of my research or a compatible spring.
    BEst regards.

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