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Thread: Is there a shotgun pattern plate anywhere around Bisley?

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    Is there a shotgun pattern plate anywhere around Bisley?

    Hello everyone.

    Does anyone know whether there's a shotgun pattern plate anywhere around Bisley that I could use when I'm down there next? I'd like to find out where exactly the shotgun barrels on my drilling are shooting, because it isn't where I'm aiming. However I'd also rather not fork out several hundred quid for coaching to go with it to find out because I can't. Of course what I really need is access to a sloped field and a sheet of cardboard, but there you go.

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    They have one at the A1 Shooting Ground in Borehamwood, they will sell you some nice paper pattern targets and you just get on with it. Get some advice on how to use one though as it is not as straightforward as you think.


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    sure Bisley gunclub had one ? or used to and I would think as they love you to hand over cash there they still may have it ! give the clay ground a call if not what about :,d.d2s

    A member on this site is an instructor there

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    Hello PM. Not as far as Bisley! Contact Holland's at Northolt. They have pattern plate and, of course, a rifle range for regulating. Otherwise Ladbroke and Langton have a laser that inerts in the muzzle and gives an indication of point of "aim". But Holland's at Northolt is a good bet as it is a metal plate so can be whitewashed and re-shot at. And no it won't cost hundreds. They are very reasonable for that sort of thing.

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