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Thread: Dog poo bags found in deer's gut.

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    Dog poo bags found in deer's gut.

    Bloody dog poo bags! On and around footpaths around here it's like a epidemic of going to the effort of picking your dogs **** up in a black plastic bag then hanging it in a tree or tossing it in the hedge.... Get a stick and flick it to the side! Why put a biodegradable **** in non biodegradable plastic bag?!?

    And here's what happens;

    Bradgate Park: Plastic poo bags found in deer's gut
    Bradgate Park: Plastic poo bags found in deer's gut - BBC News

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    Absolutely does my head in! I see it all over the place around here anywhere you get a lot of dog walkers. I pick up after my dogs if I'm in a place where flicking it aside isn't an option, but I don't then leave it in its little bag for some kind soul to collect for me.
    I really despair sometimes at the stupidity of some dog owners on this and other issues
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    Totally agree. But what is even worse are the people who just leave their dog crap all over the place in towns and even out in the country - some kind soul produced left a big t*** in the middle of the pavement outside our gate the other night - wet and windy and yes did hit the landmine.

    Pick up the poo with a little black bag, and then have an industrial scale zip lock bag in your coat pocket, put it in that and then take it home and stick it in the bin!

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