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Thread: Griff`s feed of veni.

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    Griff`s feed of veni.

    Ok start off with a good lump of a choice cut of venison,I will do a 'family roast' of 5-6 kilo`s or bigger (sambar have a big aarse)
    Of course one can use a far smaller cut.

    A good lump from a well hung carcase.
    Sometimes right in the guts of winter we hang in the hide for ten days.

    Right now to the preps... you need a FULL head of garlic at the minimum and using a pointed knife stab the cut all over to a depth on a mans forefinger (2"+) in a random pattern a few inches apart. Cut the garlic cloves into 2/3 slices and push one into each cut to the depth chosen until done. Then for those lucky enough to have a Rosemary bush cut enough sprigs of 4" in length and push into each cut as well.
    Once finished the 2" sprig ends will have the meat looking like a porcupine.

    Place the meat into a solid plastic bag with one cup of olive oil and the juice of a LARGE lemon (perhaps two) then seal and place into a large leak proof container.

    Every time you open the fridge turn the lump over,do this for at least four days,even more is better,I usually marinate for 5-7.

    Use a bit of foil in the cooking if necessary

    Roast slowly!

    Accompanied by a beverage of one`s choice.

    If any remains,slice and make sanga`s up to eat on the hill over the next few days...the flavour is intense!
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    sounds like it would be worth a try John,
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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