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Thread: game / trail camera recomendations

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    game / trail camera recomendations

    hi all.

    a farm friend is having a few problems and has asked me if i can look into trail type cameras

    i have a bresser camera from aldi a few years ago and it works very well for my needs. he is looking for the same sort of thing

    he didnt get on with the one he has now. 10 batteries that dont last long and its rather large.

    so he asked if i can ask you all on here for your thoughts

    he is after

    4 batteries maybe 6
    sd card
    long battery life
    not stupid money (he's a farmer)

    basically like the bresser i have now.

    thanks for any help offered gents


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    There is a long thread on this on here. The 80 Maginon frow ALDI was a great buy and is all intents and purpose a Little acorn which are highly regarded. Recently one of the trade members on the site was doing a deal on Trail cams, just search.


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    I would recommend the Swann camera I bought one a couple of years ago and was only yesterday looking to buy a second one. My cost 80 from Maplin and then I picked up a Sd card and some rechargeable Batteries and the whole thing came to just under 100. When I was looking at prices yesterday they seemed to have dropped so the set up is probably closer to 90.

    I left mine out at the start of October and checked it Cheistmas day. I had over 700 photos and the batteries still were working. I have mine set on triple photo setting as I found the first photo was sometimes blurred or the animal wasn't fully in shot. By the second or third photo I could clearly see the whole animal as it past the camera. I'll try and up load some photos when I get home later do you can see what they are like. I have not tried the video setting yet.

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    I put a thread up a few months ago asking similar - in the end I went for Ltl Acorn 520 or something similar in number, got 2 off eBay, 120ish each. Very good, covert IR although they do normal IR too. Ran them for maybe 5 months now, all weather, no issues - very happy.

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