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Thread: First Stalking Set Up

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    First Stalking Set Up

    Hi All

    looking for my first .243 set up for fixing and deer. Loads on the market as we all know. Any suggestions on packages available? Budget possibly up to 1500


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    For that money you should be able to get a T3 tikka stainless any cal with a mod and scope theres been a few on here lately ,dont rush into it,,,ie scope say s/b 8x56 350 or 7x50 meopta 180ish, 150 for an ase mod second hand,,,,the rest for rifle,

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    I'll be having nothing to do with budgets.....
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    I've had lots of very nice rifles and scopes. I've just bought a new 243 for fox/deer estate rifle.
    Tikka t3 lite rifle. Optics new Schmidt Bender 8x56 400 from opticswarehouse
    classic combo

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    Mauser M12 Impact have just been launched at a sizeable discount at 1100 with rail. Lot of rifle for the money. Although I would go S/H as there's a lot out there and plenty good value at that budget including scope. Good luck.

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    Tikka T3 all day long but just one point to consider I have a .243 stainless / synthetic varmint which shoots 100 grain rounds very well making it legal for all deer in the UK. 2 mates have the lite version and both find they struggle to stabilise anything over 85 grain which are not legal for all deer.
    Don't know if this is common for all T3 lite barrels?

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    Look at the discussions of 100-gr .243 bullets in the Ammo and Reloading forum.

    It is not the T3 Lite; it is the combination of 1:10 rifling and short 20-inch barrels which does not create enough velocity and rotational speed to stabilize some heavier and longer bullets. A Sako, Winchester, or whatever, will have the same problem with 20 inches and 1:10 rifling.

    An older .243 with 22 or 24-inch barrel will struggle less.
    A second hand 6.5x55 with a 22-inch barrel should not struggle at all to shoot 120 to 140-gr bullets with enough velocity and energy.

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    Go out look at and get the feel of different makes, stock design and barrel length and which fits the nicest and is in budget is what to get.
    if you get a chance to shoot some also then more the better.
    enjoy your search.

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    Rifles are quite a personal thing and so it is nearly impossible for me to tell you what you will like and what will suit you. You simply need to try a few and buy what you like. However you will get lots of good general guidance as to what people consider to be a quality or value for money brand and clearly that is useful. What I would say by way of general guidance, and I'm nothing like an expert on any of these things, is that it may be good to spend the cash on good, solid, basic but serviceable engineering. For example several people have mentioned an s&b fixed mag scope as ideal and I would agree, especially if you can buy second hand, as you get everything you need in a top quality package that will serve you for a lifetime and which doesn't cost the earth. Sure you will meet someone who will tell you that a scope just must have some latest gadget but in the field you just want to put the rifle to your shoulder and shoot and this requires nothing more than confidence in the scope and good engineering. Most other features on scopes are simply there to give a selling point for the magazine advert. You could apply this same general guidance to the rifle as well - buy a quality euro rifle second hand if you can and focus on getting the basic engineering right rather than on features for the magazine advert.
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    Another vote for the Tikka T3 SS Synthetic

    For all deer of any species - a minimum calibre of .240 and minimum muzzle energy of 1,700 foot pounds is the legal requirement in the UK.

    So a Nozler 70g BT like i use in my 243 punches 1850 foot pounds and is legal in the UK

    Federal Premium Ammunition - Rifle

    Scotland is minimum 100g. I use Federal Power Shock Soft point 100g in my 243 Sako 75 (20" 1:10) and i can group within 1" at 100m no problem with those but if i were to shoot Reds in Scotland, I'd take my 308.

    Scopes? 8X56 is a good all round scope and you can pick up quality glass for 500 with Swaro or simila but personaly I prefer illuminated and variable so consider Zeiss Duralite 2-12-50i as a good start at arround 600 S/H.

    I also prefer to get a better rifel and scope second hand rather than a new but lower quality rig

    Some great S/H deels out there

    If you reely want new than id say new rifel & mod (then you know exactly where its been) but stick to S/H glass.

    Most people think of the big money being the rifel but a 500 rifel will do the job fine its the glass you reely want to invest in.

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