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Thread: Youngsters (8) First Knife (rabbits/pigeons)

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    Youngsters (8) First Knife (rabbits/pigeons)

    Can anyone recommend a particularly good knife for a youngsters (boy aged 8) first knife, suitable for gutting rabbits and de-breasting pigeons?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance

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    If you're happy for him to have a fixed blade knife, then you really couldn't go wrong with a Mora Clipper. It's a good blade that's easy to maintain and cheap enough to replace should he lose it (not that I ever lost a knife at that age).

    Mora Companion MG carbon, green |

    If you'd rather him have a folder then a simple SAK would my call. I started my girls off with Victorinox SAKs.
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    Folding or fixed?

    Although I don't have direct experience, for a youngster I'd be inclined to suggest a UK legal folder as a first knife. He will doubtless be thrilled skinny with his first knife and will want to take it everywhere.

    There are some nice inexpensive options from Heinnie if you decide to go down this route:

    Douk Douk Petite Folder | Heinnie Haynes
    Imperial Schrade Sodbuster Small Black | Heinnie Haynes
    Rough Rider Barlow White Bone | Heinnie Haynes
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    Thanks gents and I'm not quite sure which, but your comments have already been very helpful.

    He has wanted a penknife for a while. The twin boys three years older than him directly across the street had penknives for their 9th birthday. The last thing I want him drawn into is (albeit natural), is either keeping up with the Jones' or one-upmanship.

    I am therefore thinking that thanks to you chaps, I am leaning towards fixed blade. Such, just like my own stalking knife, only comes out (just like the .410 he will soon have), when we actually go out together and so therefore for strict specific purpose only. That then also remains consistent with the safety, responsibility and accountability I'm seeking to ensure is paramount, as his journey continues to the next level.

    Whilst I agree the Mora is an excellent low cost and great utility knife, I'm not sure it's not just a little too large for his small hands and the job of gutting rabbits and de-breasting pigeons.

    Thanks for all the suggestions though, I'll take a look through the links suggested.

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    Hmm, thanks again gents, all those links have been most helpful.

    We're heading for Cotswold's today, whom I note stock the Opinel Trekking pocket knife.

    That looks like a great compromise between the two (thanks Mike!).

    I've just got to make very sure he doesn't take it everywhere (willie_gun), we live on an estate

    As the youngest lad in the street, he does have a tendency to try and keep up with and impress the older kids. Hence my very strict control, more than would perhaps be necessary for a true 'country lad'.

    Although I am as discrete as possible with only the opposite of the double garage doors open and the car in front of that, it doesn't take long for the local lads (and even some lasses) to come and see what's going on when a deer is hanging up and being dealt with. It is a little disconcerting, but equally an opportunity to do my bit to help them understand that meat doesn't start off shrink wrapped on the shelf at Tesco's. The parents are at least largely supportive and I've not had any complaints, but equally have to be careful.

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    On the recommendation of another SD member, (thanks whoever you were!), I bought a small Buck Bantam folder to replace my beat up Opinel pocket knife. I suspect it would suit your Nimrod perfectly. A good price - and even better when Go Outdoors do their 10% off vouchers. It will also go through the dishwasher unlike an Opinel.

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    Hmm, thanks Orion, that does indeed look good and less likely to be affected by 'liquid' given the well shaped handle.

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    There's also a slightly larger version for larger hands - so don't feel left out yourself!

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    If you're concerned about the size of a fixed blade then it might be worth hunting down a "Bird N' Trout" style knife. Designed specifically for working with small game they are much better suited to small hands.

    Heinnie's only seem to have this one: Cold Steel Bird and Trout | Heinnie Haynes

    After that it starts to get a bit pricey: Buck 538 Open Season Small Game Knife 0538BKS-B, black |

    Unless buying from the US is an option: : Buck Knives 0538BKS Open Season Small Game Knife : Sports Outdoors

    Edit: You might also consider a smaller puukko style knife? Although a bit pricey this looks nice: Karesuando Hare Knife - Casstrom UK
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