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Thread: Mauser M96

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    Mauser M96

    Hi all

    Ive seen a cheap Mauser M96 straight pull .243, aesthetically its good but told the bore is heavily pitted, the reason for the cheap price.

    Can you re barrel a Mauser M96 and if so any rough idea of cost to do such a thing.

    the gun its self is 180. so the cost of fixing it up could work in my favour?


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    Just because it's pitted doesn't nesseeceraly mean it won't shoot , it could still shoot better than the operator

    i think you need to try it before deciding whether it needs a debarrel

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    It says it can shoot, but for their sake they describe it as a ticket slot filler. its a bit far away to just go and test but if the cost of re barreling isn't crazy a punt on 180 isn't bad to just get it sent RFD

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I always thought the '96 (1896) was the pistol that would fire fully auto. Wasn't the straight pull rifle the '66 as in 1966???


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    I've seen plenty of rifles named Mauser M96 American.. if that makes a difference. but I've come across some 5 rifles named the same

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    The Mauser 96 was a straight pull rifle designed to compete with the Blaser. It didn't and Mauser went bust not long afterwards. A friend has one in .270. It's a nice rifle.

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    It was aimed primarily at the American market.

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    As has been said, it still might shoot fine but if not a rebarrel would be between 500-1000 depending on gunsmith, barrel make/profile, whether the gunsmith needs a new reamer/headspace gauges. It would depend on what cartridge you planned on it being in.
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    but what I'm after is a rough estimate of re barreling a rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    I always thought the '96 (1896) was the pistol that would fire fully auto. Wasn't the straight pull rifle the '66 as in 1966???

    If someone said to me Mauser 96 I would think of the pistol too or else the 1896 rifle made famous by the 6.5x55 round for the Swedish army. I've seen a few Mauser 66 straight pull rifles around and most of them were roughly mid 1970's era so I would have thought that they would be fairly conventional and the barrels would have been screwed in but I don't know for certain.
    If they are screwed in you will be looking at around 650 as a minimum to have it re-barreled.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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