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Thread: Which blaser?

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    Which blaser?

    i am thinking of doing away with a few rifles and getting a blaser , an R8 possibly,
    although i am open to suggestions , would anybody like to post up pictures and reviews of their own blaser rifles ?

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    As a suggestion then

    Personally I like turn bolts so I went with the Mauser M03 change barrel essentially the same as a blaser but turn bolt rather than straight pull

    I use 6.5x55 and I couldn't be any happier with it and it breaks down easy enough and a perfect return to zero

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    Must be a new month then.....
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hereford View Post
    Must be a new month then.....

    Lost me ?

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    Nobody has a blaser ?

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    Ok I'll bite.
    My latest rifle is an R8 in 223. A pro success. Am intending to add aditional bigger calibre's with my renewal. Took a lot of humming and heying before I took plunge but every time I picked one up at a shop or show it just felt right for me. Extremely practical, used in all weathers I find it has great handling. After 18 months of use still well chuffed. Only downside is if I had bought it as my first rifle I may not have had the pleasure of owning some other fine rifles too.
    Currently fettled with a NV scope.


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    Blaser R8 pro success in .308 , love it ,super accurate , nice to carry ,fantastic trigger, great stock . I just wish I had made the change years ago .

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    R8 Pro success L/H have had loads of other rifles before this , wish I had got it years ago , currently got a 257, and a 22/250 set up soon to have 308 as well

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    Sounds like I am doing the right thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by unicorn71 View Post
    Blaser R8 pro success in .308 , love it ,super accurate , nice to carry ,fantastic trigger, great stock . I just wish I had made the change years ago .
    +1 on the pro success I have it in .222. 6.5 X 55. And .308. Faultless and shoots superb

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