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Thread: Optics Warehouse

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    Optics Warehouse

    I thought I would feedback my experience with Optics Warehouse. Before Christmas, I bought a second-hand S&B scope from them. Great service, great payment options and very fast delivery. The delivery driver left the parcel in the bin however, so when I got home I thought it had got nicked. I emailed OW and within a very short time I received a call from them, offering me a replacement S/H Zeiss scope or a refund. No quibble, I was well impressed. We agreed to get back in touch the following morning. Turned out my wife had actually brought it in earlier that day and hadn't thought to let me know! The scope needed new turrets o-rings, which OW ordered immediately.

    Mounted the scope on the rifle, zeroed and went out with Deercare (see my earlier post about my first Muntjac Buck). The scope had been advertised with a FD4 reticle but after looking into it and getting in touch with S&B, turned out that it actually was an earlier L3. Fine for hunting but noticeable when zeroing. I got back in touch with OW this week to discuss the matter, a little disappointed. They offered to return or replace the scope with the aforementioned Zeiss. I didn't really want to replace the scope as it is hard to find replacements S/H and in every other way I was really happy with it. By the same token, the Zeiss had a similar reticle so it seemed pointless to swap. We discussed how best to rectify the situation and I was very impressed when we came to an agreement and they agreed to send me an accessory I needed free of charge to compensate me for the error to the value of around 8% of the cost of the scope.

    We all like to point the finger at poor customer service, rightfully, so I thought it only fair to highlight great customer service from a UK business that admitted their error and worked with me to rectify it. They've certainly gained a loyal customer and I would wholeheartedly recommend them if you're looking for optics or other rifle shooting equipment.

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    I've always found Optics warehouse spot on. Reliable and business-like.

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    OW are very good to deal with.

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    Yep, likewise have had good service from optics warehouse and the odd bargain too.

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    I am waiting for an extra .243 slot so I'll certainly be looking at them once I've got it back and bought a rifle. Plenty to choose from S/H plus loads of mounts and accessories.

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    yep also had good service

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    I had an issue with a scope bought from them, they bent over backwards to make sure it was sorted and gave me the option of a full refund without asking which I didn't need to take, always recommend them

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    Can't fault them on any of the dealings I've had with them

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    Agreed, good service in my (limited) experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old keeper View Post
    I've always found Optics warehouse spot on. Reliable and business-like.
    +1. An excellent bunch to deal with. Regards JCS

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