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Thread: Maral 10 Shot Magazine

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    Maral 10 Shot Magazine

    Can anybody point me in the right direction for a ten shot magazine for my 30-06 Maral.
    I have one on order but was wondering what the price variations, if any, are or if anybody had one on the shelf at a good price.

    I have acquired one but now no longer need it as I have disposed of the Maral so will be put up for sale.
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    Here you go Eddy
    Hope the new one arrives before Thursday, that's if you need 10 shots to hit Mr Piggy

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    Order placed direct with Browning and have a promise of it's arrival in time for Thursday!!
    Even if I don't shoot a pig, I will be able to make a lot of noise so you'll know which stand I am on Nick ;-)

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    The one ordered from Browning direct turned up and is contoured to the rifle and looks real smooth. Not in time for my Hungary trip unfortunately.
    Today I have bought one identical to the one advertised on E Gun and it is in the form of most other box magazines, it sticks out like an SLR or any other box magazine.
    Interestingly it is stamped with an S on the bottom, it could be an offshoot from the Saur factory perhaps.
    Either way I got each for good prices and can now carry one loaded with 180gn bullets and the other with 220gn bullets and use whichever takes my fancy.

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