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Thread: Used tikka value

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    Used tikka value


    i am am thinking about selling my tikka t3 .243 blued to help me pay for things I want to do to the house. I have no idea what to put it up for. I looked on the classifieds but it's hard to find a bare rifle. The rifle has a ring mark on the barrel from the mod, fired about 300 rounds and has a wildcat moderator.

    i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as a friend is interested but I don't know how much to say it's worth.


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    I bought my Tikka T3 Lite 308 synthetic, blued action and barrel with less than 200 rounds through it for 550 via guntrader from Countryman of Derby a couple of years ago. Hard to think it would be more than 600 today. Moderator, hard to say. Id ask for 150 if fitted for that rifle.

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    Generally a second hand item of this nature in good condition is worth 65% of the new price paid, obviously condition will affect this. Say you paid 1000 for the rifle it is roughly worth 650 mint, 500-600 depending on damage and round count. Same rule applies for moderator, as a package I think 750 sounds about right for scope mod and any rounds left. The more bits you can chuck in will add more attraction to the sale, sling, swivels, load data, bullet preference ETC. Hope this helps and you get it sold.

    Chris H

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    I bought a nearly new (<50 rounds) T3 Varmint .308 blued with wildcat predator mod and optilock rings off here for 700, although I think that was a bit of a bargain!



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    Have a look on guntader to see what the dealers are asking then knock 20% or more off , if your deal is not attractive people will go to a dealer where they have recourse should something go wrong with the rifle.Good Luck.

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    600-650 with moderator IMO

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    Ive just bought the same rifle used good condition from ivy thorn 470 mod I think 100

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    Traded my Tikka T3 .308 lite blued / synthetic 150 rounds from new (just couldn't get to grips with it) got 500 against a 1000 Tikka T3 .308 varmint stainless / synthetic.
    A wildcat evolution for it was 199 new.
    If that gives you any idea (oh 12 months ago)

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    sadly only worth what someone wants to pay for it!
    lots of t3's out there in various states

    you will get more if you split rifle and mod

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