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Thread: Best in-ear hearing protectors?

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    Best in-ear hearing protectors?

    Going to bite the bullet and treat myself to a pair of these pour in yer lug electronic ear protectors. What is the best for the money?

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    I bought Cens ones, they're expensive and are good, but I'd see if I could try the different models on a windy day, as they can whine/feedback a bit in the wind.

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    I have the CENS too - very happy with them.
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    I can't imagine that too many people are going to have laid out for more than one pair being as they are so blooming expensive, so getting a valid comparison could be a bit tricky.

    I too have the Cens ones, I like them and they work well but I find they hurt my ears if I wear them for more than a few hours at a time.

    Also one of my electronic modules went wrong about 2 months out of the warranty, and the feckers charged me the full price of 190 for a new one, they reckoned it had got water in, I complained and said they should be waterproof, but to no avail. I now make sure I dry mine out thoroughly if I use them on a wet day.

    If I was going again I would look hard at some of the alternatives.

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    I bought a pair of Soundscope pro-tect. Custom moulded to fit my ears. So far very pleased with them. Only use them when shooting the rifle.

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    I bought Ultimate Ear ones about 11 years ago and they are still going strong.

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    Gave up on them as they kept falling out on high birds
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    I bought some ProGuard shooters, about 20, to wear for Shotgun and inside over the ear jobs when alongside someone with a muzzle brake. They come as a simple push in or can be moulded.
    They let the inner ear breathe which increases comfort.
    They work well and speech can be heard with no adjustment.

    Told that moulds may only fit properly for a couple of years?

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    I bought the cens hunters absolute crap they went back twice for repair in first month I've now asked for a full refund and I've been waiting three weeks for it.!
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    CENS but there seems to be a quality issue right now.

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