Hi posting this on behalf of Vizslamentes which is a charity that rescues dogs from Hungary and rehomes them in the UK. I recently rescued a 4 month old GSP dog pup and he's been great, excellent out shooting and great on deer and he's only 7 months.

Anyway, they have 9 Transylvanian Hound females/ puppies which where rescued from a group of 50+ from a puppy farm. Not sure on ratio of adults to pups. They are a rare/hard to come by scent hound, which would be great as a deer dog. If I didn't have two dogs already I would be snapping one up.

They ask for a travel fee to cover their transport to the UK, passport and necessary vaccinations plus a donation fee.

If interested please look on Vizslamentes page either on facebook or twitter. They are a good charity who understand dogs benefit from working homes.