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Thread: fac renewal change of calibre

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    fac renewal change of calibre

    Put in my fac renewal a good few months back with the addition of a new calibre 243,in the meantime been considering gettin a smaller calibre 222 ,223,if i was to change would it mean i,d have to go through the whole renewal process again as i,ve already been waiting nearly 5 months.

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    Phone your FEO and find out how far into the process he/she is with this. You might be able to add a variation for the .22 CF if it's not too far down the line, and your certificate will come back with the additional calibre
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    Hello, I've just been through this process. Luckily it didn't take too long but I agree that a polite call to the firearms licensing department shouldn't hurt. Unless you really think a .222 or .223 would be a more suitable caliber I'd stick it out with your .243. I only say this as I had the same thoughts whilst waiting for mine (as initially they were funny about me having a .243 as you only require a .222 to shoot roe in Scotland) but I was advised that if I started 'bartering' with them for a smaller caliber could make them question your need for a .243 in the first place. Some folk are having a real mare of a time with variations etc. It almost seems like any excuse to not give things out and they won't. I may be wrong but it's just what I was advised. I hope it makes sense and I hope it comes through soon for you.

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    Hiya, When my ticket was away for renewal a few months ago , I added a 270 to it, I already had 222 and 243, not a single question about why I wanted it, tho, I gave them my reasons, and I do have access to lots of land, I told them my reasons for the 270 were for Sika and Reds, and as the triple is becoming a dedicated NV gun this year, and the 243 was for Roe and Fox, I was granted the 270 .
    If you have reason to need another rifle calibre, they should let you have it...

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