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Thread: Shotgun cartridges

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    Shotgun cartridges

    Can any of the boys give me advice, I just got given a box of BB cartridges for doing foxes can I fire them with full choke in, don't know that's why Iam asking???

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    yes you can , good luck with the fox's

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    I would check the chamber of the gun matches the fired length of the cartridge and at full choke i wouldnt risk it on an old side-by-side. Don't put a 3" cartridge in a 2 3/4" gun it will at the least ball up and possibly bulge the tube.

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    What Red Dot says +1.

    But if they are steel BB will damage a full choke gun even of correct length chamber if you use steel shot in it.

    Last do remember the "oddball" 2 3/4" Magnum.

    Not common now but once fairly widespread. Effectively a load that gave duplication of the shot charge and service pressure of the old non-Magnum 3" English cartridge.

    This will chamber in but should not be used in a standard 2 3/4" or 70mm gun not marked additionally "MAGNUM".
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