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Thread: Foxing round

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    Foxing round

    What would be a good home load in 243 foxing round

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    87grain v max

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    70grn Nosler ballistic tip powered by varget

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    Anything that shoots well in your 243 as long as it is not a target bullet - they can cause runners on body shots

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    I say 58g V max around 4000 fps like a laser

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    anything that shoots straight and expands. i use 70grain nosler ballistic tip and 100grain scierra spbt both with H4895. terminal effect very similar to be honest. find out what shoots well in your rifle and stick with it.

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    whatever you hit it with
    no fox has ever complained because it was hit with a soft point!

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    105gr Amax, turns them into a bag of jelly.

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    +1 on the 58grn v max. Made a cracking load for my .243 with them and they're brutal.

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    A VMax or Varmint-type Ballistic Tip that is going to cause as much damage as possible.
    I have seen good things of the 58grn VMax and 55 & 70grn Nosler Ballistic Tips already mentioned.

    At least then if your shot placement isn't perfect, it is still going to put it down in a hurry. This is obviously better for the fox and makes it easier for you to then find it.

    As such bullets will normally be a light for calibre, they also tend to have other benefit of being driven fast and are comparably flat shooting which is helpful.

    That said, if I am stalking and a fox appears, I'll use whatever is in the chamber if it presents a shot.
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