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Thread: Avoid Hunter Balmoral wellies

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    Avoid Hunter Balmoral wellies

    No wonder Pridge is selling their pair of Hunter Balmoral wellies on here. They are ill fitting product. Although the correct size for me and a snug fit when on, they are just ridiculously too tight getting on and off at the ankle. Leather lined @ £200 and unused but they were bought over 30 days ago so no exchange from retailer and Hunters after care service should be renamed Noaftercare ! AVOID

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    Both my wife and I had hunter wellies some years ago, after a couple of months they fell to bits. We found there customer care useless, they didnt want to know. We would never buy again

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    There all made in China now,not Dumfries
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    I've just replaced my Le Chameau wellies with a pair of Toggi Wanderer Plus from Uttings. Neoprene lined and under £80 delivered.

    Hunters have a cr*p reputation nowadays so they never even made it onto the short list. I bought Aigle first, but by mistake I hadn't ordered neoprene, and they are £150, which is back into Le Chameau territory
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    Quote Originally Posted by I. Farticus View Post
    I've just replaced my Le Chameau wellies with a pair of Toggi Wanderer Plus from Uttings. Neoprene lined and under £80 delivered.
    +1 for these - my pair are still going strong
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    Just opened the box on a GENUINE pair of LC Chasseurs i bought 10 years ago before they went bad. Hunters were bowf even when they were made in Dumfries.

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    well I've had a neo pair of balmorals for just over a yr and apart from the side buckle breaking they've been warm and waterproof and we ve had as wet a shooting season as ever worn on every home and away day as well as stalking far better than the last pair of Le cham

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    Hunter wellies are a poor Chinese product and as with all failures - take them back to your retailer as your beef is with them directly. Bought my wife some at a garden centre who have now replaced 3 pairs and will continue to, if they continue to fail. I have Aigles, neoprene - should have gone for 9 and a halfs, as a bit tight but otherwise brilliant. Tried le Chameaux but eventually got fed up of the tops lolling over and my foot wandering about even with 2 layers on (soft sides). Wouldnt buy Le Chameaux again.

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    Sounds to me like you just bought a pair of boots that don't fit? Hardly their fault if they don't fit your feet/ankles, and surely not their fault that you haven't tried them on for over 30 days?
    I wouldn't buy any boots unless I can try them on first and have a walk around. Most shops won't refund after a certain period and are not actually obliged to at all unless there is a fault with their product which it doesn't sound like there is? Hardly justification to slate their product surely?
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    A guy that picks up for me got his wife some hunter wellies, fell to bits, got a letter back saying hunter wellies are a "fashion" brand and not for serious use!!!

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