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Thread: Why is .270 so restricted in factory ammo?

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    Why is .270 so restricted in factory ammo?

    Now there are quite a few ammo manufacturers who produce 270, and with various styles of missile, but few choices in weight.

    Whilst I enjoy ballistics very much and load just one at the mo to start with (.22-250) I am a novice at this considering present company. I don't know enough to see why most 270 missiles are 130g or 150g from the factory. Any comment - expert or not very welcome.


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    Apart from the 130 and 150 options, I've had Hornady 140gr SP and Remington (I think) 100gr PSP, SAKO 156gr and Norma 110gr factory loads.

    I now load my own with Hornady 140gr BTSP bullets. If I didn't, I'd be using RWS 130gr loads, as my rifle liked those best of the factory offerings.

    I think a lot of .270Win users would agree that 130gr is so very popular because balitically it makes the most of the cartridge.
    150gr ends up more like a .308 than a .30-06, and the lighter ones are a waste of powder.
    I went for 140gr as a compromise, and because I really would have liked a 7x64 rather than a .270.

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    I use 110 Norma, along with the 130 , never felt the need for anything else.

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    Its not that popular but better than a .243 , go figure , if you are not careful with .243s you will be below the legal limit , especially with short barrels , dont believe the ammo box , chrono them, with a .270 you`ve no legal worries when at or above 100gr.
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    Because 130 does everything you need.
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    I am learning all the time and having shot .308 for some years with good success, yet never reloaded it, I thought to move on to 270, as a few other opportunities of venue/quarry wise came up and I would, perhaps play around with reloading again. BTW I've no problem with 243, and it is clearly a very popular round, but to me, seems to have less 'character' than others close by. I do believe in priorities. Accuracy, terminal efficiency and user comfort/satisfaction. A myriad of others but these three are critical to me and intrinsically linked. I'll persist with 270 and see were it takes me. There is so much to learn and enjoy, you have to start somewhere.

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    I have a Browning A Bolt in .270win and have only ever put 150gn through it. Dropped everything from Muntjac to Red with no problems and minimal meat damage so as long as they keep pumping out the 150gn factory ammo then I will be a happy stalker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    Because 130 does everything you need.

    ^ this

    I have over the years loaded 90 though 180gr in the .270

    I now use 130gr soft points for everything with the exception of a new 100gr load I have worked up.....only due to inheriting 400 bullets no-one else wanted!!

    .277" 100gr projectile at 33-3400fps is going to be messy!

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    Thank you grand Slam. I've heard from many who have never shot one, that 270 is a beast, and hits your shoulder hard, and a few old timers too who used to stalk for FC many years ago ( with the cheap 1950s stuff). My new Sako is a pussy cat with 130g and certainly no more than my Rem sporter 308 with 150g. Others have warned about carcass damage but I would strive to find the right load and missile for the job and concentrate on shot placement above all.

    I'd be interested to here more from those worried about carcass damage. A mate has suggested this was a 'perceived' problem with 270, generically, where he stalks. Very confused by the 'fussy' comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    Because 130 does everything you need.
    this is why

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