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Thread: Abandoned fawn.

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    Abandoned fawn.

    hi one of the farmers whose ground i stalk on just rang to say he had found a fallow fawn. he asked me what he should do with it and i told him to leave it where it was as the mother would come back for it, but he said that he found it on the edge of a busy road he decided the best thing to do was to take it home with him, he reckons it,s about 1 week old and full of beans. the question is what does he feed it would lambs milk be ok or is there something else he caan use. any one got any advice i can pass on to him would be much appreciated,thanks the scudd

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    First off, I've no experience of doing this, but I would have thought that the animal formula you use for hand-rearing sheep and goats would be perfect.
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    Leaving it would've been best- I remember getting the b*llocking of a lifetime for bringing fawns inside when I worked on a deer farm in NZ, apparently they just worry themselves to death! Saying that I fed them lambs milk and they seemed fine! We had a pet bush deer for a while before some scrotes shot it!

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    would have been best to leave it , might be a bit late now .

    these pet deer , never really work out in the animals favour .

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    i would feed it on the sheep formula then pass on to animal shelter asap for the experts to deal with. they will have a farm they can pass it on to where a deer may have lost a calf or has another and they can attempt to adopt it to her..

    its alway best to leave them as we all know but sometimes we have to make a judgement call.

    let us know what you do.

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